GDPR kickoff session

You are bound to get an increasing number of questions on GDPR. You will see organisations moving their IT needs to partners who know what GDPR is, partners who have answers and who can support these companies on their journey to maximum compliancy.


Will you be the partner they come to and they can trust, or will you be the partner they run away from due to a lack of answers? The choice is yours.


Ingram Micro wants to guide you and provide ready-to-use insights in GDPR. During this one-day classroom session, you will also learn how Microsoft offers features and services that can bring customers close to maximum compliancy. You will discover how you can use GDPR to build a future proof roadmap with solid additional revenue for you.


Hans Demeyer has studied GDPR and is currently assisting a vast number of organisations in assessing where they are and what they should do. He will introduce his insights and teach you how you can use the GDPR topic to generate opportunities.


Unless making even more money is of no interest to you, you should definitely book your seat for the GDPR kickoff session of Sept 28 (NL) of 29 (FR).




September 28th in Dutch

September 29th in French



Ingram Micro

Hermeslaan 1b/3rd floor

1830 Diegem



09h00 - Arrival with coffee
09h30 - Introduction & expectations
09h45 - GDPR inside out (the story)
11h00 - Break
11h15 - GDPR discussion topics, questions and items to challenge customers
12h30 - Lunch
13h30 - Making money with GDPR*
16h30 - Next steps
16h45 - End

28 September 2017 @ 09:00h - 29 September 2017 @ 16:45h

Ingram Micro, Hermeslaan 1b/3rd floor, 1830 Diegem