Discover the NEW Alaris S2000 Series desktop scanner with a cash back!

The Alaris S2000 Series - a new family of network/wireless and USB-connected desktop scanners - and showcase its award-winning software and services, all of which are designed to take the complexity out of information capture to simplify and improve the way people work.


The new Alaris S2000 Series increases productivity by automating much of the work traditionally done by people and host computers. Embedded Image Processing within the scanner delivers crisp, clear images without requiring a high-powered (or expensive) host PC. Breakthrough Active Feed Technology aligns the leading edge of paper to avoid multi-feeds and misfeeds, and Controlled Output Stacking places paper neatly in the output tray. Users benefit from spending less time preparing documents for scanning and dealing with messy output stacks.


The S2000 Series includes two USB-connected models (Alaris S2050 and S2070)  and two network/wireless models (Alaris S2060w and S2080w)) which deliver rated speeds between 50 and 80 pages per minute (ppm). Each scanner is compact, powerful, and easy to use with a robust feeding system that efficiently handles a wide range of media. Three optional flatbed accessories can be integrated with the scanners for increased versatility and productivity. For example, the S2000 Series is designed to ‘dock’ on top of the new Alaris Passport Flatbed Accessory, offering a quick and easy solution for scanning passports, ID cards and other small, fragile documents.


S20003 for free


Folio Mode allows you to scan A3 size documents on S2000 Series A4 Scanners. The scanner detects transparent sleeve folio and automatically merges front and rear to create an A3 image


Folio Mode


Mobile Scanning speeds up life for your mobile workforce by enabling high quality document capture using the S2060w / S2080w scanners. Using the ScanMate+ app, scan from an S2000w Scanner directly to your mobile device or tablet and share via email or upload to an app.




Info Input Express Limited Edition is bundled with every S2000 Series Scanner.


For more info on the product, visit the Citrix website


The cash back promotion for Kodak Alaris resellers is valid until December 31st


  • S2050/S2070                     100 × 3 = 300 points = 30 Euro cash back
  • S2060W                             120 × 3 = 360 points = 36 Euro cash back
  • S2080W                             135 × 3 = 410 points = 41 Euro cash back


If you are not yet connected to our reseller program, please do so via the link below, so that you can also benefit from the cash back


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