Paying my orders with Bancontact. It’s easy!

Discover the payments by Bancontact

Why should I start paying my orders with Bancontact?

Using Bancontact to pay for your orders has one big advantage: IT IS EASY. You can pay for your order immediately through the Ingram Micro webshop. When paying with Bancontact, your payment will be immediately visible which enables us to process your order at once. Even more, if you have reached your credit limit you can use Bancontact and you will receive your orders faster.

Paying with Bancontact is safe, easy and fast. Your payments will be processed by Ingram Micro’s subsidiary, Docdata Payment Service.

How do I use Bancontact?

- After placing your order you can do the payment in the ‘Order details’ and/or the ‘Invoice details’.



- These details can be found under ‘My account’/ ‘Order list’ or ‘Invoices’/ ‘RMA request’.



- When choosing for Bancontact, make sure you select your bank.
- Your payment can be approved by clicking ‘Submit Payment’, this button is available for all orders and invoices.



- After paying you will be redirected to the Ingram Micro website.

Contact us:

If you have any questions, please contact our sales department: or call  +32 030/246.99.30

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