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The IT market is changing and it’s changing fast. Hybrid and virtual environments are replacing the on-premise only infrastructure. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD),  has become a challenge for IT professionals worldwide, both on a management level as security-wise. The latest communication and collaboration tools allow users to consult enterprise data and let teams work together all the time, from any location and from any device. These large scale transformations are changing the way your customers work and thus the way you run your business.

A selection of your key business partners want to guide you through this business transformation. They are delighted to share their strategy for 2017 with you. Let us guide you on this journey to the future on the first edition of our SMB Solutions event: Factory 2020 on the 29th of March 2017.

At Factory 2020 we will reveal what the future of a modern business infrastructure looks like within a unique and dynamic context. Read on to discover all you need to know about Factory 2020 and a modern business infrastructure.


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Hans Demeyer will challenge Microsoft, HPE, Citrix, Veritas and Symantec during an interactive discussion in order to discover their answers on the recent changes in technology. In order to stay on top of your business, you need to learn all about the latest trends in server and network infrastructure, workplace and application modernization, security, backup and management.



Welcome  and breakfast


Get ready for a profitable future, Maarten Bovée (Ingram Micro)


Infrastructure: Why infrastructure is the best thing since sliced bread


Guest: Bart Appelen, (Hewlett Packard Enterprise) and Gunter Staes (Microsoft)


Connectivity: 4 facts about connectivity that will impress your friends


Guest: Gert De Wever  and Gunther Van Audenhove (Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company)




4 things Spock would say about Communication and Collaboration


Guest: Gunter Staes (Microsoft) and Luke Evans (Citrix)


Why security is the new black


Guest: Gunter Staes (Microsoft) and Bart Asnot (Symantec)


How optimized  management can keep you from management


Guest: Peter Andries (Hewlett Packard Enterprise) Gunter Staes (Microsoft) and David Van Damme (Veritas)


Backup and recover your Microsoft Cloud with confidence and ease


Guest: Gunter Staes (Microsoft) David Van Damme (Veritas)


The science in 2020 that will prove that you’re on the right track by Hans Demeyer


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As a trusted advisor, Ingram Micro will coach and guide you through the transition of the latest technology. Ingram Micro wants to support YOU as well as your customer. Are you facing an issue that seems insolvable? Or are you having trouble convincing customers? Let us help you. Our experts stand by your side to find the right solution together!.


Hans Van den Broeck

Datacenter and Network Infrastructure Consultant


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E: vas@ingrammicro.be


Tim Huygen

Cloud Specialist


P: +3222549426

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Sofie Goyvaerts

Sales Specialist for Symantec / Veritas


P: +3222549448

E: elicensing@ingrammicro.be


Ruben Vanhees

Consultant enterprise software



E: Ruben.Vanhees@ingrammicro.com


Krista Vander Meulen

Account Representative


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Herman Lens

Sales Specialist Datacenter & Networking


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Tim Robberechts

Sales Specialist Datacenter & Networking


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E: vas@ingrammicro.be

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Erik De Maeyer

Business Development Manager HPE
Networking / Aruba


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M: +32498590614

E: Erik.De.Maeyer@ingrammicro.com

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